Interview I NiceDay

17 januari, 2022

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Current problems in mental healthcare
Mental illness affects over 79 million people in Europe and the associated economic burden is more than €250B per year. Nowadays, nearly 50% of the patients do not receive treatment primarily as a result of lack of accessibility to care and long waiting times as a result of low capacity. The current approach in mental health care is predominantly "one size fits all”. As a result, patients who do receive treatment too often do not benefit enough or relapse after an initially successful treatment path. Thus, there is a high unmet need for an efficient and accessible solution that facilitates in delivering evidence-based treatment and measuring results to significantly improve the quality of mental healthcare.

What is NiceDay?
NiceDay Nederland offers a service including a platform (NiceDay app for the patient, NiceDay Portal for the therapist) that is available at any time and place, for online or blended care which is perfectly fitting our hybrid and dynamic society. The way of working with the platform– the NiceDay Way- is based on conditioning paradigms and the network theory of psychopathology. The NiceDay service therefore trains and facilitates therapists with the right knowledge and tools to work more effectively. When working according to the NiceDay Way, patients are actively involved in the therapeutic process by tracking and registering symptoms in their daily life. By using this experience sampling methodology, patients and therapists are allowed to get an 'in the moment account of the patients’ subjective experiences and to contextualize these in terms of psychological, social and environmental factors. This network of factors is visualized for both therapists and patients and quickly provides insight into the relationship between symptoms, vulnerabilities and resilience. This helps therapists to conduct the most appropriate evidence-based interventions at the most optimal time. This gain in momentum increases the learning effect,  the generalizability, and the ecological validity of these interventions. Furthermore, these insights can already be incorporated into a relapse prevention plan during treatment, which reduces the likelihood of a return of symptoms - a major problem within mental health care. To summarize, we believe that customized treatment provided by NiceDay increases effectiveness and efficiency, which will shorten waiting lists and promote patient flow.

Collaboration with NELL 
NiceDay Nederland (formerly Sense Health) has worked together with NeLL in various research projects. In most of these works we contribute by making available our NiceDay platform for research and also providing the data that is collected and processed. Some of the studies that are currently in progress and the contribution of NiceDay are:
●    BePositive: Use of the NiceDay platform and NiceDay way of working for a longitudinal study.
●    Kansen voor West: Validation of the NiceDay Service.
●    Perfect fit: Use of the NiceDay platform and communication API for developing an automated coach for stop smoking and exercise. 
NiceDay is interested in continuing strategic research collaboration with NeLL. There are multiple topics we want to investigate that could be potentially worked together with NeLL. Some of these are: data-driven approaches treatment, improving therapists workflow, accurately measuring client progress and treatment optimizing.  We would like to contribute in the different stages of the research cycle, from defining research proposals and carrying out studies to the publication of scientific articles.