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Digital Coaching Using Smart Inhaler Technology to Improve Asthma Management in Patients With Asthma in Italy: Community-Based Study

Rumi G, Canonica GW, Foster JM, Chavannes NH, Valenti G, Contiguglia R, Rapsomaniki E, Kocks JWH, De Brasi D, Braido F

Prospective Associations of Daily Step Counts and Intensity With Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Incidence and Mortality and All-Cause Mortality

Borja del Pozo Cruz, PhD; Matthew N. Ahmadi, PhD2; I-Min Lee, MBBS, ScD; Emmanuel Stamatakis, PhD

The feasibility of using Apple's ResearchKit for recruitment and data collection: Considerations for mental health research

Leah Bührmann, Tom Van Daele, Alina Rinn, Nele A. J. De Witte, Dirk Lehr, Jiska Joëlle Aardoom, Lisa Loheide-Niesmann, Jan Smit and Heleen Riper

Adherence to an injury prevention program in male amateur football players is affected by players’ age, experience and perceptions

Peter Alexander van de Hoef, Michel S Brink, Jur J Brauers, Maarten van Smeden, Vincent Gouttebarge, Frank J G Backx

Optimizing the Acceptability, Adherence, and Inclusiveness of the COVID Radar Surveillance App: Qualitative Study Using Focus Groups, Thematic Content Analysis, and Usability Testing

Bas Splinter, Nicholas H Saadah, Niels H Chavannes, Jessica C Kiefte-de Jong, Jiska J Aardoom

Illness Perceptions and Self-Management among People with Chronic Lung Disease and Healthcare Professionals: A Mixed-Method Study Identifying the Local Context.

 Song, X.Y., Hallensleben, C., Li, B, Zhang, W.H., Jiang, Z.L., Shen, H.X., Gobbens, R.J.J.,  Chavannes, N.H., Versluis, A. 

The Barriers and Facilitators of eHealth-Based Lifestyle Intervention Programs for People With a Low Socioeconomic Status: Scoping Review

Al-Dhahir I, Reijnders T, Faber JS, van den Berg-Emons RJ, Janssen VR, Kraaijenhagen RA, Visch VT, Chavannes NH, Evers AWM

Developing a Smartphone Application That Promotes Responsible Short-Acting Beta2-Agonist Use in People with Asthma: A Participatory Design

van den Berg LN, Hallensleben C, Chavannes NH, Versluis A

Development of a Quality Management Model and Self-assessment Questionnaire for Hybrid Health Care: Concept Mapping Study

Rosian Tossaint-Schoenmakers, Marise J Kasteleyn,  Anneloek Rauwerdink, Niels H Chavannes, Sofie Willems, Esther P W A Talboom-Kamp

Online synchronous focus group interviews: Practical considerations

Romy F Willemsen , Jiska J Aardoom, Niels H Chavannes and Anke Versluis